Our “Back” Room can seat up to 75 guests.  It provides ample room for table service, mingling and a small (gift) table or podium.   The room has a speaker jack available, however, the acoustics are good and microphone is seldom needed.  For larger groups, please inquire about renting the entire restaurant.

Note:  The seating capacity will be reduced if a special setup is needed.  (T-shape, U-shape, etc.)

Use of this room is available, as follows:

  1. The room must be reserved in advance.  A deposit may be required.
  2. All guests must purchase food from the restaurant, using one of Papa Dante’s approved banquet menus.  A minimum purchase may be required.

Guests may decorate the room in advance, as long as nothing is attached to the walls, floor or ceiling.  Penetrations (i.e. tacks, staples, nails, etc.) of any kind, tape or glue are not permitted.  Guests should consult with restaurant management prior to decorating.

Click to download The “Back” Room information.